Be a Partner ! Be a Part Of Online Food Industry

At the moment we are looking for well-established farms round the globe to be its partner to start the marketing of the The World’s 1st – 6 Sense Recommendation Engine in their respective country .

Why Partnering with Orderliv ?

With time the Food industry has changed and so does its products, much more genetically modified and processed foods are flogging into the market place. And Customers are looking for more customized food & services rather than a generic one. The current online food service industry mainly focused on - Food Delivery, Reviews and traditional POS systems and were built based on old requirements and lacks the demand for new technology focusing more on health. Hence there are and will be a sizeable market share for our product & services.

What's your benefit & revenue source ?

By Partnering with OrderLiv , you simply stay ahead in the race .

The whole project was designed keeping the future market needs .The Unique selling point for our product is a Six Sense Food Recommendation Engine which suggests food based on taste buds, health and diet habit. And in order to facilitate this Service we had equipped the Food Businesses with full fledge Order & Shop management system. Business can register online and can have total access to our System & Services, without any human interactions.

If you are interested please contact us with your details and we will love share our views and BI model. Kindly Note the opportunity will be available for limited time only to kick start the marketing activity. So Hurry Up!!!! To be a part of Online Food Network.