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Key Facts
  • Guest - Can Call Room Service / Place Food Order Directly from their Room using Pad & Mobiles.Customers can Search for Online Delivery Shop & Place their Orders .
  • Multi lingual - Guest can place Service call in their Native language (Chinese,Korean,Russuan,Japanese ,etc) hence can easily place emergency assistacnce / private request (ex: sanitary pads etc).
  • Deaf & HOH - Friendly
  • Publish Food info with Nutri Value , Allergy Info,Spice Level. To show you care for their Health !
  • Display Offer / Event on SPA ,BAR ,Food - Coupon / Voucher.
  • Waiter / Reception / Bartender - Can take Order using Mobile App.
  • Front Desk / Reception can input Service and Order request made via Land Line(Phone) in just few clicks.
  • Kitchen View : Chef can view Orders with Customized request from the Guests.
  • Order And Serivce Management with Liv Status Monitoring .
  • Employee Management - To track every call attained or Order placed by which employee and time taken for completion.
  • 24*7 - Real time Reports. Anywhere, Anytime.
  • Online Payment Gateway integration(PayPal , BHIM , Paytm)
  • Cloud - Zero Maintenance on IT Infrastructure.
  • Who Can Apply – Restaurants, Pubs & Bars ,Clubs, Café, Juice & Ice Cream Shops, Bakery , Organic & Herbal Store , Fast Food, Fruits & Vegetable Shop, Grocery Store ,Snacks & Sweets Store & Food Resellers

Get More Out of your Food Business

Step into the Future with World's 1st Six Sense Recommendation Technology

QR-Scannable Coupons, Voucher & Cash Card

POS CENTER - With Bill Printing & Mobile Payment


Convenience and Control

The OrderLiv online Ordering system has proven itself in customer approval and satisfaction as the most convenient dinning at yours restaurant or Shop can even use the order on the Table facility to place order directly with you , no need for Menu book or waiters to take orders.

Real Time Service Tracking
No wiating On Hold or In Line

Eliminate customer frutration . With Orderliv's online ordering system, your customers don't get put on hold if they call you they aren't forced to wait in line if they order at your restaurant . Customers while dinning at your restaurant or Shop can even use the order on the Table facility to place order directly with you or view Menu while they are in the queue

Advanced Ordering

Allow your customers to order in advance. This is ideal for large .You an manage your settings to allow customers to order a specific number of days in advance. Customers while dinning at your restaurant or Shop can even use the order on the Table facility to place order directly with you or view Menu while theyare in the queue

Group Ordering

Allow one customer to submit orders for an entire group. A 'host' can invite others to join a group, allowing each individual to make their own selections, and submit them as one order. It's perfect for someone that wants to arrange an office lunch meetting.

Add Nutritional Information

You can Add Nutritional and Dietary information and you will be automatically included to the Six Sense Recommendation engine . Which will help you to sale more and create a brand value amount the Customers

Nutritional Value with Dietary Information

Create Hotel Business

Know What Your Customer’s Likes & Dislikes

With the help of 6 Sense recommendation technology you will have the inside edge to know your customers carving, favorite dishes and many more key features.

While hotel room service may take on many forms, a typical room service system:

  • Multilingual system support and operates within a prescribed time frame
  • Provides rapid turnaround and in-room delivery & services
  • Serves fresher food with better quality and temperature control.
  • Allows customers to select all meal items that will be served—within the constraints of the diet order and limitations related to food allergy or medication regimens.
  • Submit, manage and share nutrition related info about your products
  • Communicate easily with existing & potential customers to show you care for their health. Create Your Brands Image.
Room Service & Order Management System Specially Designed For Hotels

A major uptick in customer satisfaction ratings is hotel food & room service. Customers who are in control of their menu choices, meal times and prompt services are measurably more satisfied.

  • Hotel can open their own individual Room Service
  • Can create Floors arrangements With Room No .
  • Create QR Code for each Rooms and place them in their respective rooms to activate the service.
  • The other aspect was to help the Deaf & HOH people to use this technology in their daily life and create more jobs for them in the service industry.

Now Do Business AnyWhere ! AnyTime , Cut down cost on expensive Hardwares, Go Mobile and be paper free.

Now Do Business AnyWhere ! AnyTime , Cut down cost on expensive Hardwares, Go Mobile and be paper free.

Offer Wide Range Service List

" We equipped you with the tools that your team need to succeed! "

OrderLiv can helps you to understand your business better – where you should focus, who are your key customers, what will happen if they move away.

Cloud Based Powerful Dashboard Management Console

Guest can place Order or Call for Services directly from their mobile including checkout request in advance. At any time, you can access your Management Console to instantly view and control your menu, settings, site design, Order & Hotel services history , Reviews and much more

In addition, multiple marketing features are accessible from your Management Console.

  • Publish Events & Offers -Guest can view your offers directly on their mobile
  • Reach to millions of customers instantly
  • Feedback Management from Customers

Analyzing the Menu

We have created the most comprehensive nutritional product database and providing you with 6 Sense Recommendation Technology!

Based On

  • Taste Buds
  • Diet Needs
  • Health Needs
  • Allergens
One-Stop Food & Service Management Solution

Now Focus on running your Business - We Automate your hotel with the latest cloud based technology management system . Connect important working points and get even more than you can imagine

Front-of-House Management System
Get Notified once any order or service are placed.
Eliminate Order or Service Errors -Keep on Top of Any Issues
Track Performance of Employees
Waiter can collect order using pad or Mobile
Kitchen Order View - with each step monitoring & status management system.

This is especially true with guests who leave critical reviews about your business. These guests want to feel that you understand their problems and frustration and that you'll do everything you can to solve the problem. Taking a sensitive, individual approach to customer service is very important, and helps to create a warm, positive image of your Business to potential guests.

Kitchen & Service Tracking

with each step monitoring & status management system

Reporting and Analytics

The dynamic nature of your Hotel demands quick and smart actions for its growth. With orderliv’s in-depth reporting and analytics, view real-time reports from anywhere, anytime, and make quick data-driven decisions for your Hotel!

  • Assign / Track tasks in seconds
  • Follow up with Staffs for overdue tasks
  • Improve task execution
  • Get real-time task list reports

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